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Genshin Impact Failed to Check Update Fixed! [2020]

Launch the game and try again.

If the failed to check for updates error persists, try waiting a while — the update check can fail due to high server demand.

Ideally, attempt playing at an off-peak time.

Should the Genshin Impact update error still occur, delete the game and download a fresh install.

Genshin Impact slow download speeds make the final step a last resort. The issue is most commonly caused by overloaded servers, so just try to be patient as the Zelda-like JRPG experiences a boom period following its release on PS4.

Although it is possible to manually check for Genshin Impact updates, that isn’t likely to do much good.

Regardless of whether or not this occurs on the user end, the game will still check for updates upon launch and fail if there’s an ongoing server-side issue.

For more on Genshin Impact, check out how to unlock Razor and how the game’s Pity System could help to speed up the process.

With the recent release and the endless stream of player feedback, miHoYo is hard at work on Genshin Impact.

New patches are released to fix various issues, but every online game seems to suffer from a rough start nowadays.

One of the most common issues right now is the Genshin Impact “Failed to Check For Updates” error. We have looked around and discovered a few tips to fix this error.

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